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So far, three books have been published in the LifePower series: The LifePower book, The Complete Communication Manual and Your Guide to Clearing.

Each book tackles an aspect of life and provides you with the tools to confront life as never before.

LifePower Buch


LifePower was written with the aim of helping you reach personal freedom and improving your personal abilities. It provides integral information for understanding life. With LifePower you will be able to improve your memory, liberate yourself from burdensome traumas and enhance your personal abilities.

Handbuch der Kommunikation

Das Handbuch der Kommunikation

Nothing is achieved in solitude. Your creation and joy in life is totally dependent on your ability to muster the support of friends and relatives; this requires superlative communication skills. This book comprises of eight Communication Drills which when practiced to perfection, will make you a stellar communicator.

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